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The First Trailer for Disney's 'Moana' Is Here!

The film follows Disney's newest princess, Moana, on her quest across the Pacific Ocean.

The first trailer for Disney's new movie "Moana" premiered last night. The film, which is coming to movie theaters on November 23, 2016, introduces Disney's newest princess, Moana, and her quest across the Pacific Ocean. Watch the trailer below!

The film stars Auli’i Cravalho as Polynesian princess Moana and Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) as her demi-god friend, Maui. It features music written by none other than "Hamilton" composer Lin-Manuel Miranda and has a theme song written and performed by Western Samoan singer Opetaia Foa'i (an authentic nod to the movie's focus on Polynesian cultures).

As you can see in the trailer, "Moana" has some next-level animation.


And Moana's sidekick, Pua, might be one of the cutest Disney sidekicks in history.


And best of all, the film takes place largely on the ocean, and is said to highlight human relationships with the sea.


Between all that, the fact that Lin-Manual Miranda tweeted that his songs for the film made his "tough" wife cry and that the fact that the film is bringing further diversity to the Disney princess list, we know exactly what we're going to be thankful for when this Thanksgiving rolls around.

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