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WATCH: Thousands of Fish Dumped From Plane Because Apparently That's How You Restock a Lake

A wild new video released by the Utah Division of Wildlife shows how some lakes get stocked full of fish — and it's not at all how you'd you expect.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's ... actually a plane full of fish being bombed into a lake.

Why? Because that's how some lakes get stocked full of trout. How do we know?

Because a wild new video released by the Utah Division of Wildlife showed exactly what that looks like.

In it, you can see a plane flying low over a small lake in a remote part of the state. All of a sudden, a hole opens on the bottom of the plane, and a sea of fish start dropping into the water below.

The shots look like they could be straight out of the movie "Twister," as if a bunch of fish were flopping around a swirling tornado.

fish dumped from plane Twitter/@UtahDWR

The video came out of Utah, but other states in the region also use the method to make sure their lakes stay stocked with fish to keep ecosystems thriving.

Officials refer to the practice as "extreme fish stocking," and the footage certainly makes it seem pretty extreme. But extreme doesn't mean dangerous for the fishes.

In fact, it's the best way to transport them. Other seemingly less extreme methods, like trucking them in or transporting them via backpacks, actually take much longer than the fish drop, and more time spent in transit is more stressful on their fish bodies.

Plus, their small size — the trout are only 3 inches long at the most — means there is not too much of a dramatic impact when they land on water after dropping from about 150 feet.

Utah wildlife authorities tweeted that anywhere from 95 to 99 percent of the fish survive the drop.

That means that while it might not be the most peaceful way for a fish to plunge into its new home, it's definitely the safest — and definitely the most fun for us humans to watch.

fish dumped from plane

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