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18 Insane Photos of Fish With Teeth

Have you ever looked inside the mouth of a fish? If you do, you might notice that some fish have crazy teeth, and some even have human-like chompers.

You can find some pretty crazy things inside fish mouths (like tongue-eating parasites and whole, dead moles), but something as common in humans as teeth can look pretty insane when found in the mouths of fish — and here are 18 photos that prove it.


1. This Fish With a Gap Tooth

This blue parrotfish is totally hamming it up for the camera.


2. This Fish You Definitely Don't Want To Bite You

This fish is rightly named an alligator gar, and you'll want to stay away from its razor-sharp mouth.


3. This River Monster

Animal Planet host Jeremy Wade caught this goliath tigerfish that basically looks as terrifying as the cat it was named after.


4. This Scared Lil' Buddy

Pufferfish have teeth that give them a range of hilarious expressions.


5. This Fish That's Totally Saying, "Hey Guys, Wait Up!"

Pufferfish are awesome.


6. This Fish With See-Through Fangs

If you love a good fish with teeth, apparently some pet stores sell them. Just don't get too close during feeding time!


7. This Terrifying Eel

The fangtooth moray eel has a pretty spot-on name when you take a peek inside its mouth.


8. This Piranha With Razors For Teeth

These fish aren't as deadly to humans as we've been lead to believe, but you'd still never want to be bit by one.


9. This Fish With Human Teeth

When the pacu fish smiles, it looks like it has the same pearly whites as we do!


10. Oooooh Barracuda

"Finding Nemo" definitely picked a fearsome villain in the barracuda, with their sharp teeth and ferocious nature.


11. This Fish That You Can Practically Hear Laughing

This parrotfish is cheesing hard.


12. This Deep-Sea Fanged Fish

The angler fish uses the light on its head to lure prey toward its needle-sharp teeth.


13. This Fish With Giant Teeth

The titan triggerfish has its mouth full with beefy teeth.


14. Whatever This Monster Is

Commenters couldn't agree on what type it was, with guesses ranging from goosefish to toadfish. Whatever it is, it's got a gnarly bite!


15. This Fanged Fish

The common fangtooth has one mean grin.


16. This Parrotfish With Giant Chompers

Parrotfish use their teeth to eat coral and later poop sand, which over time builds up new islands.


17. This Bizarro Fish

The sheepshead fish is named for its similarity to sheep teeth — not human ones — but in any case they're pretty creepy.


18. And One More Time

You can just never get enough of a fish with a mouth like a human's.


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