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Fish Trapped Inside Jelly Is Having the Worst Day Ever

This poor fish is wondering where its life went so wrong.

Having a tough day? We bet you don't have it as bad as this little fish, which found itself trapped inside a jellyfish, peering out into the ocean and wondering how its life went so wrong.

Photo Credit: Tim Samuels

Ocean photographer Tim Samuel captured the spectacle while freediving in Australia's Byron Bay, and his two unbelievable photos have gone viral after being shared on Instagram.

He and his freediving friend and collaborator, videographer Franny Plumridge, had ventured out to a reef to photograph turtles when they stumbled on the jelly that's redefining what it means to be a “jelly-fish."

The fish was trying its best to control the direction of its predator — “Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming!" — but was continually overpowered and redirected.

Photo Credit: Tim Samuels

“It was a tough decision," Samuel told CNN. “I definitely thought about setting it free, but in the end decided to just let nature run its course."

Today, let's all just be happy we're not this fish.

You can see more of Tim Samuel's awesome ocean photography via his Instagram.

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