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This Video of a Fisherman Riding a Sea Turtle Is Beyond Disturbing

He could be breaking all kinds of laws.

Some people truly have no respect for ocean life, like a fisherman who was caught on camera riding a very distressed-looking sea turtle. (Warning: The content of the images and video in this article are disturbing.)

According to The Sun, the video was first posted to Instagram by the marine wildlife conservation group Nakawe Project.

"We are in a state of emergency surrounding how humans value and treat wildlife," the caption read. "The world's population of human beings needs a lot of environmental education, which must be part of conservation programs worldwide."

The disturbing video features a fisherman climbing on top of a sea turtle and riding it down the boat deck.

fisherman riding sea turtle


He also lifted and dropped the sea turtle on its head and dragged it across the deck while it struggled.

fisherman riding sea turtle


There are conflicting reports about where the video was taken, with Daily Mail speculating it could be China and The Sun thinking it was in the waters off Vietnam.

In either country, the fisherman is likely breaking the law.

Not only are all species of sea turtles protected because of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, but most countries have their own national protection laws as well.

In America, every type of sea turtle is protected under the Endangered Species Act of 1973, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The act outlaws any harassment, capture, injury or killing of these animals.

Vietnam and China only recently instituted sea turtle protection laws, but organizations in both countries are working hard to raise awareness for sea turtle conservation.

According to the VietnamNet newspaper, in 2015 it was made illegal in Vietnam to hunt, catch, transport, trade or kill sea turtles. Catching and riding a sea turtle like this fisherman did likely falls into that law's jurisdiction.

As for China, earlier in 2018, China Daily reported that 90 organizations joined together to form a national sea turtle protection alliance.

According to The Sun, the Nakawe Project conservation group has contacted the appropriate authorities to identify the boat and crew who aided in this heinous act of cruelty. It remains to be seen if the guilty parties will be found, but hopefully the sea turtle, which was still alive at the end of the video, stayed that way.

And at the very least, this upsetting video helped spread awareness of what definitely not to do with these majestic sea creatures.

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