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WATCH: Flatfish Use Their Fins to Walk Like Creepy Millipedes

They're not the only walking fish in the sea.

Flatfish are some of the weirdest fish in the sea. With two eyes on one side and none on the other, this fish lays flat on the sea floor, blending in with the sand until it's ready to grab a meal with its sideways mouth.

But those aren't its only odd traits. This fish can also walk.

Giphy/NatGeo WILD

According to NatGeo, flatfish "walk" by scrunching up their fins in wave motions. This action propels them along the seafloor.

It's similar to how millipedes walk with all their legs.


NatGeo was careful to note that what the flatfish is doing is not technically "walking," though. Fish expert Brooke Flammang told NatGeo that "walking means that you are supporting your body weight," which fish can't do. The water helps supports them and lets them float around and move with ease.

Still, the flatfish's ability to move along the seabed is pretty ingenious. If they swam upright on their sides, like most fish do, they would be completely blind on one side.

They have to stay parallel to the ground to see, and this "walking" method is perfect for that.

Giphy/NatGeo WILD

They're also not the only fish in the sea that use their fins to walk — or "walk."

First off, mudskippers really are technically walking, because they don't have any water to support them.

Well, it's more like dragging. But still, it's impressive.


Red-lipped batfish can also use their fins to traipse about the deep sea.


And frogfish have been spotted walking on their fins as well.


So the flatfish and its ingenuity are in good company with these other ocean creatures.

Fancy a stroll, anyone? Watch the full flatfish walking video here:

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