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Watch: First-Ever Video Footage From the Perspective of a Baby Humpback Whale

It gets up close and personal as the baby nurses from its mom.

Maybe you've watched a video or two (or way more) of a baby whale in your time. But we can guarantee that you've never seen a video from a baby humpback whale's perspective before — because this video is the first one that's ever been made.

Researchers wanted to learn more about the relationship between humpback whale moms and their babies.

First, they used acoustic tags on mother-calf pairs to learn about their interactions and the sounds they make.

One of the first things researchers learned is that whales are noisier than you might think. Their world is full of the songs of male whales and the percussive sounds of tails slapping in the water.

In the video, you can hear the sounds of whales and watch the baby whale swim up close to mom.

Then the footage gets even more up close and personal.

This may be the first video ever of a baby whale nursing with mama. It's a rare sight in general, let alone one that's caught on film.

It feels a little weird to be this close as humans, rather than baby whales, but it's still pretty amazing.

How often do you get to feel like you're swimming with a 40-ton whale, after all?

Baby whales spend about a year nursing, and can drink up either staying still or while swimming, which comes in handy when the whales are migrating. They start to wean off of Mama's milk after 10 months, so the video captured a small window of time in a whale's life.

The footage was captured at Madagascar at Saint Marie Island, near a humpback whale breeding ground. The videographers hope videos like this can help us learn more about humpback whales and protect their habitats. And we do feel like we get baby whales a little bit more now, having done some swimming in their shoes.

Watch the full video below:

Suckling Humpback whale

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