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If you've already fallen in love with the Sydney Aquarium's same-sex penguin couple, brace yourselves. Things are about to get even cuter.

According to People magazine, Sphen and Magic were fostering an egg together and it just hatched.

Now the male penguins are proud parents of this adorable chick:

As Azula previously reported, the two penguins were given a leftover egg to foster after they laboriously built a nest together on their own whim.

The duo took turns incubating the egg until the chick hatched on October 19, according to the aquarium's Facebook page.

The aquarium reported the chick was the size of a small apple when it was born.

They won't be able to determine gender until it's 2 months old. Then it will receive a blood test to confirm whether it's a boy or a girl penguin, per Australia's ABC News.

The chick also doesn't have a name yet, but the aquarium is calling it Baby Sphengic for now.

It's a nod to the dads' couple name — a mashup of Sphen and Magic.

This is not the first time two male penguins have raised a chick together. There's even a book called " And Tango Makes Three" about the true story of two Central Park Zoo penguins who became same-sex parents.

But Baby Sphengic is Australia's first chick fostered by two males, per ABC 7 News.

And so far they're doing an amazing job, according to what the aquarium's penguin supervisor Tish Hannan told ABC News. "We are really, really proud of them both," she said, adding that they're both doing a great job feeding the chick.

The aquarium's website reported that the baby penguin will be glued to its dads' sides for the next five to six weeks as they feed it 10 times a day.

Because of that full-time commitment, Hannan told ABC News that Sphen and Magic won't be getting another egg to foster just yet. But she added that since they're doing such a good job, they could be given an egg during next year's breeding season.

For now, Baby Sphengic has his two dads' full attention, as seen in the super-cute pictures below.

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