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These Gay Penguins Are About to Raise a Baby Together & It's the Cutest Thing Ever

#LoveWins for two male penguins at the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium who are coupled up and incubating an egg together.

#LoveWins for two male penguins at the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium who are coupled up and incubating an egg together.

Vice reported that Magic and Sphen took a liking to each other during breeding season. They became inseparable, taking all their walks and swims together.

According to the aquarium, they eventually built a nest together out of pebbles, and Sphen basically proposed to Magic with a heart-shaped stone.

The aquarium said that this is seen as a gesture of love in the Gentoo penguin world.

Giphy/SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

According to Oceana, the Gentoo penguins' affinity for giving each other special rocks makes them pretty romantic animals.

They're also all about equality. Oceana reported that both the males and females take turns incubating their eggs.

Because parenting duties are split between both penguins, it doesn't matter if those parents are same-sex or opposite-sex partners.

It's all about finding the right partner to parent with — regardless of sex.

Giphy/SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

For that reason, the aquarium's penguin department supervisor, Tish Hannan, told Australia's ABC News, "We're not going to need to step in just because [Magic and Sphen are] males."

She added, "We might step in if it turns out that they're not good parents because of who they are as individuals, but for all the signs we're seeing at the moment they're going to be amazing."

That's right, Magic and Sphen — or, as the aquarium calls them, Sphengic — are gearing up to hatch their very own chick.

Giphy/SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

The aquarium's website says that when staff noticed that the couple had built a nest with more pebbles than any other penguin pair, they didn't want to leave them out of breeding season.

First they gave them a dummy egg to practice with, and Sphen and Magic passed the test with flying colors.

So they were given a real egg to incubate.

YouTube/SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

According to LiveScience, all penguins besides emperor penguins lay two eggs. Per the New York Times, usually one egg is doomed — and is sometimes even kicked out of the nest.

Hannan told ABC News that's because penguin pairs only have enough energy to raise one chick at a time. The second chick, if it even hatches, usually dies. So the egg's biological parents "didn't even notice" that the egg was missing when it was given to Sphen and Magic, Hannan said.

This isn't the first time a gay penguin pair has attempted to raise a chick. NPR reported that two male Central Park Zoo penguins were together for six years.

The children's book "And Tango Makes Three" chronicles their true story of raising a fostered chick.


It is the first time that Australia has seen two male penguins foster a chick, though, according to ABC 7 News. It could set a precedent for future same-sex penguin pairings.

If most penguins have an extra egg anyway, why not let a gay penguin couple adopt it if they're good parents?

The world could always use another adorable penguin family.


Watch Sphen propose to Magic in the adorable video below:

#LoveWins Sphen and Magic Penguin Couple

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