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Geese Have Serrated Tongues & Nature Is Officially Terrifying

If you have query like do geese have teeth then check out article on Geese Teeth, where we show geese teeth and tongue images.

Geese can be jerks at the park, but they're nothing to be afraid of, right? With their long, goofy necks, they're just the giraffes of the bird world: a little weird, but harmless.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Just kidding. Geese are terrifying. Not only do they have "teeth" in the normal place; they also have them on their tongues.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Technically, these are called "tomia," not teeth, because birds can't produce enamel.

Tomia aren't as hard as our teeth, but they're enough to cut grass and provide traction for eating slippery things like snails.


True teeth or not, one look into these hellish mouths, and our attention to technicalities goes straight out the window. I mean:

We don't have enough nopes for this.

Photo Credit: NeoGAF

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