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From Ghost Shark to Ghost Octopus, Meet the Real-Life Ghosts of the Sea

These ocean creatures celebrate the spooky season too.

Halloween time is drawing near, houses are decorated with fake ghosts and spiderwebs, and children are preparing their perfect trick-or-treating costumes. But humans aren't the only ones who know how to celebrate the spooky season.

The ocean has more than a few ghosts of its own.

1. The Gliding Ghost Shark


Also known as the chimaera, these fish can be found 650 feet or deeper in the sea, according to another Azula report.

2. The See-Through Ghost Shrimp


Mother Nature Network reported that these clear shrimp only have color after they eat, because you can see right through to their stomachs!

3. The Ghoulish Ghost Pipefish

These creatures may look a bit like seahorses, but there are several differences — among them, not having a pouch to incubate eggs, per the Australian Museum.

4. The Ghastly Ghost Octopus


According to NatGeo, this cephalopod was discovered a whopping 2.6 miles beneath the surface.

5. The Spooky Black Ghost Knifefish

A spooky name for a spooky fish.

6. The Disappearing Ghost Crab

According to the National Park Service, these ghost crabs are so named because they can perfectly blend into their sandy surroundings.

7. This Mystery Ghost Fish


These spooky buddy is part of the Aphyonidae fish family, according to LiveScience. This one was found a mile and half under the sea.

8. The Creepy Ghost Jellyfish

Ghostly indeed.

9. And, Sadly, Ghost Nets

Some of the most prevalent ghosts in the sea are also the scariest. Ghost nets are discarded fishing gear.

According to NatGeo, these forgotten nets, fishing lines and ropes drift along in the water, entangling and suffocating sea turtles, fish, dolphins, whales, sharks, coral and more. And there are so many of these lost nets poised to hurt our sea life.

NatGeo reported that 1.28 billion pounds of netting is lost every year. Plus, of all the plastic trash in the sea, 10 percent is made up of fishing gear.

Now that's a terrifying ghost story.


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