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Divers Found a Giant Squid That Was Almost 15 Feet Long & the Photos Are Amazing

At 14.7 feet long, the squid was more than a foot longer than Volkswagen Beetle.

Imagine you are walking along a beach and you see something in the distance. You decide to go explore. You get a little closer. And there it is: You are looking at a nearly 15-foot long squid carcass, roughly double (or maybe even triple) the length of your own body.

That's exactly what happened for brothers Daniel, Jack and Matthew Aplin in Wellington, New Zealand, on August 25, according to The Sun. The brothers, who are all divers, were out for a drive when they spotted the carcass of the giant squid on the beach.

Naturally, the brothers then took photographs and posed with the massive creature before posting them on their diving business's Facebook page.

The caption of the photos simply reads, "Wellington team member Dan had an interesting find in Wellington this morning!"

With more than 4,000 likes and 2,000 comments, the photos were quickly shared and marveled at by fellow divers and ocean enthusiasts alike.

The photo of Jack Aplin next to the massive, nearly 15-foot-long sea creature was especially remarkable.

The true size of the squid is visible when you look at it next to a human man — and it is amazing.

The three were quick to contact the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research in New Zealand, a group that knows how to properly handle these types of discoveries.

According to National Geographic, giant squid grow up to 33 feet long on average, which is more than double the length of the squid found in Wellington, if you can believe it.

They can also reach more than 400 pounds. All this is to say that giant squids are, well, giant. National Geographic even noted that the longest giant squid ever found was 59 feet long.

Because giant squid usually live in the deepest, darkest parts of the ocean, discoveries like the Aplin brothers' are the main way scientists learn about these mammoth animals.

This is also how scientists know about squids' huge eyes (up to 10 inches wide, according to NatGeo), beak-like feeding mechanisms and carnivore nature.

giant squid photos


But there is still so much to learn about giant squid that whenever one does appear on a beach, scientists are quick to study its characteristics and learn from them.

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