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20 Gifs of Aggressively Adorable Otters Your Heart Likely Can’t Handle

Call an ambulance, because you are not going to be OK after scrolling through 20 GIFS of aggressively adorable otters doing unnecessarily cute things.

On the spectrum of aggressively adorable to EXCRUCIATINGLY cute, otters pretty much rank off the freaking charts. They are so cuddly and lovable that anyone who dares to look at them for longer than three seconds runs the risk of cuteness overload, or heart failure.

For the YOLO-minded only, scroll down ...  but consider yourself warned.

1. This cuddled-up cutie, just enjoying an afternoon snooze with his buddies, Whale and Crikey. AKA run. This is only the first of many.

2. This baby otter whose wagging, teeny-tiny tail might actually be your last image of joy before it's all over.

3. WARNING: This nappin' chap being woken up mid-snooze is cute AND hilarious ... so you will probably die from both.

4. Your heart is actually going to jump out of your chest after watching this adorable floating fluffball learn how to "otter." THE. HEAD. SHAKE.

5. Take a moment to enjoy how precious this momma otter is cuddling her sleeping puff ... because it will probably all end right here.

6. You should really look away because this otter is cute AND has mad skills.

7. No? That didn't getcha? Well, here's another cutie playing with a stone. Good luck.

8. This RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE otter in a sling is an actual hazard to human health.

9. Please stop to appreciate this precious pair wobbling around in a cozy blanket. Or maybe don't.

10. You might be a goner after watching this otter NAM NAM NAM away at his bowl of kibbles.

11. It's really probably best you don't see this little pup getting left behind by his friends and struggling to catch up.

12. ATTENTION: These two baby fuzzballs cuddling in a blanket very well might be the last thing you see today.

13. This baby otter rolling on a rug is most likely going to flood your heart with joy ... and then send it into cardiac arrest.

14. Someone call 911 because you will not be OK after seeing this baby otter get the hiccups.

15. This tubby otter with its own personal "sushi chef" is really just too much for the heart to take.

16. Watch out, because this baby otter having its hair combed and turned into a poofball will probably push you over the edge.

17. You might want to start saying your last goodbyes because there is not only an otter in this but also a DOG, and they are playing hide-and-seek.

18. Look away, because watching this baby otter's first time in water will for sure be the end.

19. This otter doesn't care about society or its "table manners" and will leave you feeling inspired and near death at the same time.

20. And finally, if you've somehow managed to make it through all the adorable otters, we leave you with this aggressively cute pup that doesn't know how to use a bottle, doesn't care to find out, but just knows it wants milk NOW.



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