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A Restaurant Owner Is Giving Lobsters Weed Before Cooking Them

The owner thinks it helps the lobsters feel less pain.

Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound is a restaurant in Maine that has recently been taking extra measures to ensure its lobsters feel less pain before being boiled alive. The method? Weed — specifically, putting the lobsters in a box and then blowing marijuana smoke on them before they are cooked.

The owner, Charlotte Gill, says the smoke tends to chill the lobsters out to the point where they don't try to pinch at all. Gill also says she thinks the meat tastes better in the end.

Gill is a licensed medical marijuana caregiver, but the Maine Department of Health isn't feeling quite as positive about Gill's lobster steaming method as she is.

According to, the Maine Department of Health and Human Services contacted Gill on Thursday to let her know that Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound was violating part of the Maine Food Code by hotboxing the lobsters.

However, Gill has not yet started serving the lobster meat in her restaurant and instead has only been testing it out with the plan to one day sell the meat. As reported, Gill wrote on the restaurants website that the lobster they had prepared thus far was "purely for ... testing and study, as well as to be able to have a conclusive base of information to work from when we were eventually met with these questions."

It seems like Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound's website has been posting fairly regular updates on the cannabis/lobster situation.

The owner has been letting customers know about everything from research they have done to details about their interaction with the Department of Health and Human Services.

In a post from September 23, Gill wrote, "We were contacted by the state and ASKED not to move forward, (not commanded), based on the lack of legislature in these areas, as well as their issue with the usage of personal medicinal marijuana on a lobster instead of the intended card carrying, (human), recipient."

In a more recent post, Gill wrote about what their plan is going forward. And while it's not super specific, it is a nice overall message:

Love, and the knowledge that life, in all its forms, is sacred. If we are going to take a life, we believe we have the obligation to do so as compassionately as possible. It is our hope that practices incorporating cannabis, (where animals are part of the food chain), will become industry standards. This world has enough pain and suffering, and it's time to make it a better place. ... We are going to do our part, by starting here, with this ONE thing."
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