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This Fish Market Got Shut Down for Putting Googly Eyes on Its Fish

They wanted the fish to look fresher.

A Kuwaiti fish market got shut down recently after their plot to make their fish seem more appetizing didn't exactly go as planned.

Apparently, the workers at the fish market were hoping that by sticking googly eyes on fishes, people would think the dead animals looked fresher than they really were, and would spring at the chance to buy them.

For the record, these weren't any kind of high-tech, robotic fake eyes — just the same kind of cheap plastic googly eyes you might have used in your kindergarten crafts class.

The technique from the market begs quite a few questions. For one, who wouldn't recognize the tiny plastic eyes for what they really were?

We don't have the answer to that question, but we do know how they were busted. Facebook user Ayman Mat posted a video to the social media website that exposed the scam.

The clip shows a clear shot of the fish, with a jarring glimpse of the clearly fake googly eye. Then, a gloved finger easily slides the eye right off of the spot where the fish market stuck it on, showing the true (and undeniably more sunken and gruesome) real eye underneath.

Considering the completely egregious but kind of hilarious use of googly eyes shown in the video, it quickly garnered tons of attention on social media.

Following the exposure, Kuwait's Ministry of Commerce and Industry took action. Officials shut down the market. The crackdown led rivals to start selling fish that they bragged were "without cosmetics."

We can't help but agree that we'd rather chow down on fresh fish without any cosmetics, but one Twitter user said it best when he reminded everyone to keep a literal eye out at the market: " Never judge the freshness of fish by the googliness of their eyes."

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