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This Grandma Is Going Viral For Killing an Alligator — and the Internet's Response Might Surprise You

The situation became controversial very quickly.

When news of a great-grandmother (and town mayor) killing a 580-pound alligator started to go viral, people seemed to be amused at first.

The story goes that Mayor Judy Cochran of Livingston, Texas had been hunting for the massive alligator that she believed killed her miniature horse for a while, and when she finally spotted the 12-foot-long gator, she killed it with just one shot.

The images that were taken after the kill are ... well, when you see them it's easy to understand why exactly they went viral.

Although a lot of response to Cochran's kill has been that of amusement, there is a flip side to the reactions, as well.

The main source of many people's anger is that Cochran just had a suspicion that the gator killed her horse; she didn't know for sure.

And given that the alligator was just living its life as a wild animal regardless of whether or not it did kill the horse, people are understandably upset about Cochran's actions.

According to USA Today, Cochran said she plans to eat the meat and hang the alligator's head in her office.

People on social media have a great deal of thoughts and feelings about the shooting and Cochran's plans for the gator's body.

One user on Twitter replied saying, "I don't feel like this killing is justified. People like this bother me." Another said, "HTH did she know this was the right gator? Did it have a tattoo?" pointing out the fact that there's no way she could have known that that was the gator. One more simply wrote, "This is absolutely disgusting."

Cochran told reporters that she caught it by using a hook baited with a raccoon carcass, meaning that when she shot the gator it wasn't a threat to anyone or attacking a pet or human. Instead, it was just living its normal, wild life when it was tricked and then killed. You can see why people are so angry.

Cochran, who also happens to be the first female mayor for her Texas town, told reporters that she followed proper requirements in her county to hunt the gator — making sure they had a permit, tags from a biologist and using a hook.

Still, though, the kill is unsettling for a lot of people who think that it was an unnecessary and brutal death for a creature who wasn't hurting anyone or anything definitively.

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