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The Gumboot Chiton Is Named After a Shoe & Also Called a ‘Wandering Meatloaf’

One creature, two amazing names.

If you own a pair of rain boots, you basically have a gumboot chiton doppelgänger sitting in your closet.

The largest of the chitons (a type of marine mollusk) is named after a popular shoe with a thick rubbery sole. Also known as wellies or "gumboots," these shoes have soles that look like the ridged back of gumboot chitons.

Here's the shoe:

gumboot chiton Urban Outfitters

And here's the chiton. Identical.

But this creature is even cooler than just having a popular shoe for a name.

It's also red, fuzzy and magnetic.


Allow us to explain. According to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, its furry brick-colored hide comes from the red algae it eats and also that lives on its back.

Imagine deciding to camp out on the surface of something that eats you.

As far as them being magnetic, the aquarium noted that their teeth contain the element magnetite, so magnets can pick them up.

Is there nothing these animals can't do? Well, no, because there's more.

gumboot chiton


These easily adaptable creatures can breathe oxygen from the air if they find themselves out of water and they can fix their hard plates if they get damaged.

Oh, and another name for the gumboot chiton is "wandering meatloaf," according to University of Washington's marine newsletter Tide Bites.

Wandering. Meatloaf.

Basically, these foot-long chitons can literally do no wrong.

Every fact about them is as amazing as this picture of a pig in gumboots.

If you're in love with them after reading all this, you should be. Now, to just introduce the gumboot-shoe-loving population of New Zealand to these gumboot animals ...

The country loves their gumboots so much that they even have a day dedicated to them where they participate in boot-throwing activities, according to New Zealand Geographic.

Why? Why not?

So they would probably love to learn about the fascinating animal that shares a name with this beloved shoe.

Just ... no throwing these ones.


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