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5 Terrifying Tales From the World's Most Haunted Dive Spots

From haunted shipwrecks to naval battle sites, there are hundreds of underwater spots where divers claim they've experienced something a little ... strange.

Ghost stories and creepy encounters aren't confined to land. From haunted shipwrecks to naval battle sites to the raging waters beneath a jagged cliff, there are hundreds of underwater spots where divers believe they've experienced something a little ... strange.


Photo Credit: Flickr, Goldie


We've gathered stories from some of the spookiest underwater spots. The terrifying tales may make you want to book a flight to check them out for yourself. Or, they might just keep you up all night.


1. Ghost Fleet of Truk Lagoon

ca. 1980s-1990s --- Japanese skulls from a World War II shipwreck in Truk Lagoon. | Location: Near Papua New Guinea. --- Image by © Amos Nachoum/Corbis


This cluster of more than 50 shipwrecks in a former World War II Japanese naval base is one of the most infamous haunted underwater hotspots. An Allied attack during World War II sunk the ships into this Micronesian seabed.


Photo Credit: Flickr, montereydiver


They sat untouched for more than 25 years, full of human remains and gear like torpedoes, motorcycles, medical kits, bombs, radios, munitions and all types of weapons.


Photo Credit: Flickr, montereydiver


A 1969 Jacques Cousteau film finally brought attention to the site, drawing interested divers from around the world. When they showed up, though, many reported eerie incidents at the shipwreck. 

The team at Destination Truth wanted to check out some of those stories. The spookiest part of their paranormal investigation? A recording of an engine running ... but it was when there were no engines anywhere near.




2. Paranormal Divers


There's a group of divers in Florida committed to uncovering the truth about the area's haunted waters. The paranormal divers dip into dark, deep waters trying to pick up on lights, messages or blips of energy from the beyond.

Often, they'll dive into areas where people have reported strange sightings or noises, or where divers have gone before them and haven't returned. The team has recorded what they say are phantom voices, and even think they may have captured the very first underwater ghost photo. What do you think?


3. SS Mohegan 


A sense of unknown about the cause of this shipwreck lends to the sinister feeling surrounding this site. Was it truly a wreck, or did the captain deliberately crash the SS Mohegan to avoid his mounting debt?

Whatever the reason, the crash off the coast of Cornwall killed 106 people. It's now a popular dive site for ghost hunters, who have reported strange occurrences, such as electric shocks passing through them as they touch the equipment, sudden images of uniformed officers floating away or mysterious underwater tugs when nothing is around.



4. Blue Hole of Dahab


Photo Credit: Flickr, Tim Sheerman-Chase


With a nickname like "Diver's Cemetery," you know this spot on Egypt's Red Sea has its share of spookiness. Legend has it, it's the place where a young woman jumped to her death to escape an unwanted wedding ages ago.

Now, it's known as one of the most dangerous dive spots in the world. A trail to the Blue Hole is dotted with gravestones of divers who have perished there — follow their trail at your own risk.


Photo Credit: Flickr, Matt Kiefer


5. White Rock Lake

Photo Credit: Flickr, SETShots

There's a lot of beauty at this picturesque Texas lake. But there is also darkness. It is supposedly haunted by the spirit of a 20-something young woman who died tragically in a boating accident.

Several visitors have reported seeing "The Lady of White Rock Lake" walking nearby in a long white dress. She allegedly asks drivers for a ride, but then disappears during the car ride.

A damp car seat is all she leaves behind. Bluegrass crooners The Country Gentlemen sang about the legend in their hit "Bringing Mary Home."



What do you think? Is it all a bunch of baloney? Or is someone beckoning from the beyond? May you never find out the hard way.


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