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Watch Homeslice, the First Turtle to Ever Get an MRI, Return Home

After being injured by propellers, a rescued green sea turtle in Florida nicknamed "Homeslice" recently got to go back home.

After being injured by propellers, a rescued turtle nicknamed "Homeslice" recently got to go back home.

The green sea turtle was found August 21 in Florida's Haulover Canal with wounds on her head and shell, and she made headlines for being the first sea turtle ever to be scanned in an MRI machine, a dubious honor for an animal that prefers to spend its time in the open water.

Personally, if we were sea turtles and got to try one human activity for a day, we'd probably pick something different.


But thanks to that MRI, the pros at Brevard Zoo were able to give Homeslice the treatment she needed to heal from her accident.


After almost eight months on a cocktail of vitamins and antibiotics, she was ready to return to the water.


Green sea turtles like Homeslice are on the endangered species list, partly because they share their habitat with humans and are often hit by boats or caught in nets. According to, they also try to eat everything, much like goats or your pet puppy. If they eat too much plastic or other indigestible material, they can block their own intestines and starve to death.

On the bright side, this means humans can also help make turtles' lives easier by boating with caution and throwing out or recycling their trash in the right place.

As for Homeslice, we wish her a long life as chill as her name. Watch her touching return home below:

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Illustration by Fabio Manucci

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