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Jason Momoa as Aquaman (Warner Bros.)

Here's How Aquaman Talks Underwater in the Upcoming Film

Director James Wan hopes no one overthinks it.

Aquaman has a lot on his plate.

When his movie hits theaters late this year, it will tell the tale of the reluctant leader of a kingdom that is threatened both by ruinous land dwellers and its own people's uprising.

how Aquaman talks Giphy

And while Aquaman has a whole lot of people judging how he'll lead his underwater kingdom of Atlantis, James Wan, the director of the upcoming film, had a whole lot of people wondering how he was going to make his characters talk underwater.

Aquaman originated as a comic book, where it's easy to make characters do whatever they want. But filming logistics and, you know, science dictates that people can't just chat easily while they're submerged.

In "Justice League," the superhero movie that featured a scene set in Atlantis that acted as a bit of a preview to the stand-alone "Aquaman" feature, a lead character uses one of her powers to create an air pocket around her and Aquaman that allows them to freely talk.

Fans weren't too impressed with the technique, and even ones who thought it made sense in the context of "Justice League" questioned how that would work for an entire movie of underwater dialogue.

People were even more intrigued when Wan tweeted that his upcoming "Aquaman" movie wouldn't contain any "air bubbles."

Turns out, they're just going to, well, talk! That's right.

No superpowers will be required, and no complex science, and no pauses to create air pockets every time someone wants to say something.

Wan hopes no one overthinks it — the people of Atlantis have created a bustling underwater kingdom where they ride sea dragons, after all. It stands to reason that they can also just talk.

You can get your first glimpse of the underwater chit chat when the team releases the "Aquaman" trailer at next month's Comic-Con event in San Diego.

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