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This Video of a Humpback Whale Breaching in Front of a Rainbow Is Absolutely Magical

It almost doesn't look real.

Seeing a rainbow is always a somewhat magical sight. Seeing a humpback whale breach the water is even more magical. Combine both moments and you have a once-in-a-lifetime visual that is pretty much internet gold.

Chere Tamura was on a whale-watching trip with Monterey Bay Whale Watch in California when she saw the magnificent sight. Tamura had seen orcas, beaked whales and fin whales on previous eight-hour-long whale-watching trips.

But it was during a trip in October with the same whale-watching tour group that Tamura saw the humpback and rainbow moment that eventually went viral.

According to ABC News, multiple passengers tried to pull out their phones to get a good shot of the "once in a lifetime" moment. It only lasted a second, but the resulting images are breathtaking.

The whale was spotted during one of Monterey Bay Whale Watch's all-day tours. According to the group's Facebook page, this is highly recommended by Tamura as a way to "stay out long enough and see everything." Clearly it worked out for the whale watcher since it was her video that went ultra viral.

Although a rainbow isn't a normal site, the tour-goers are used to seeing a large amount of whales. Take this recap below to see what we mean.

In the Facebook post announcing the captured footage, Monterey Bay Whale Watch wrote, "Today... not only did we have Orcas/Killer Whales breaching, we had this magnificent creature who breached in front of a rainbow and right next to our boat! Simply Amazing!"

Simply amazing, indeed. There's a reason the footage quickly was picked up and reposted all over the internet, including major news sites like ABC News.

Even for the people behind Monterey Bay Whale Watch tours, who see whales every day, this was something different and exciting. Luckily, thanks to the watchers' quick thinking, we all get to witness the moment.

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