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Why Everyone Is Suddenly Obsessed With These Giant Ikea Sharks

People have dedicated full Instagram accounts to these toys.

It's hard to explain why the internet latches on to the things it does, but this new Ikea shark meme is so delightful that it almost doesn't need an explanation.

Which is good, because it doesn't have one.


According to BuzzFeed, it has recently become very popular — especially in Russia — to buy the stuffed-animal sharks from Ikea and then dress them up for various Instagram photos.

Like this shark that just got out of the shower and is about to brush its teeth.

Russian media site RT reported that the sharks have long been popular around the world.

In 2015, when Ikea briefly stopped selling them, an online petition implored the store to restock. "Few people love sharks because they are portrayed as bloodthirsty killers," the petition read. "This toy [acquainted] children with sharks from the other side .... [so] they would start to treat them more positively."

The crowds won out and Ikea started selling the toy again in 2016, but they only just made it to Russia last year, according to RT.

Since then, the sharky social-media posts have taken the internet by storm.

The sharks have flown on airplanes:

Conquered the "Game of Thrones" iron throne:

Made cookies:

Checked out the fall foliage:

Surfed the web:

Taken walks in snazzy outfits:

Had dinner whilst wearing glasses:

Caught a cold:

And even used the toilet:

Yes, these sharks are potty-trained.

The Ikea plush toy is only $17.99 if you want to go on your own shark adventures — and the toy comes with an extremely high customer rating.

Out of 85 reviews, 82 were five-star reviews (the rest were four stars). Commenters lauded the shark's softness and ability to travel anywhere.

Even Ikea's own description of the toy seems to embrace the Russian attitude of "let's take this shark everywhere and dress it up in clothes like it's a person."

Ikea says the shark is "good at hugging, comforting and listening and [is] fond of play and mischief."

No wonder these sharks have gotten up to so much on Instagram. They just want to play and be mischievous.

And, hey, if this gets more people to embrace sharks, have at it.


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