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The Meg/Warner Bros.

Megalodon Isn’t Alive Anymore — But Don't Tell Hollywood That

These 15 movies are all about that giant shark.

What's scarier than a giant shark? Nothing — if you ask Hollywood, that is.

The movie industry thrives off thrills and fear when it comes to whatever summer disaster flick it's putting out next. This time around it's "The Meg," a scary ocean movie about a mega shark that's out for blood.

Only, the Megalodon isn't actually alive anymore — so there's no real need to fear this movie villain.


Per LiveScience, the 60-foot fish may have reigned the ocean millions of years ago, but it's long since died out. These days, Smithsonian reports that the biggest shark in the sea is the whale shark ...

... which eats plankton and isn't harmful to humans.


But, that narrative isn't as exciting as a 60-foot, sharp-toothed shark bent on vengeance as Hollywood is often keen to portray the megalodon.

Since the dawn of "Jaws," people have loved to be scared by sharks, and "The Meg" is just the latest in a long line of megalodon-themed movies that thrive on people not really knowing that these ancient fish are definitely not around anymore.

1. "The Meg"

This summer shark film drops in August.

2. "Megalodon"

This 2002 movie details what happens when a deep-sea drilling operation accidentally releases a megalodon into the water. OK. Sure.

3. "Shark Attack 3: Megalodon"

The third film in the "Shark Attack" franchise ups the ante by increasing the size of the threat to prehistoric-shark levels.

4-8. The "Mega Shark" Franchise

If you've ever wanted to watch five low-budget megalodon movies in a row, look no further than "Mega Shark Versus..." Giant Octopus, Crocosaurus, Mecha Shark, Kolossus and King Komodo.

We're partial to "Mega Shark Versus Mecha Shark," because that's a megalodon battling a mechanical megalodon. Twice the meg power.

9-10. The Shark Week Scandal

Discovery Channel got a lot of blowback for airing two faux documentaries called "Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives" and "Megalodon: The New Evidence" that could fool you into thinking the megalodon was still alive if you didn't catch the disclaimer placards.

In response to the backlash, Discovery pledged in 2015 and beyond to focus Shark Week programming more on the scientific side, according to NPR.

11. "Jurassic Shark"

A parody of "Jaws" and "Jurassic Park" featuring a giant prehistoric shark. Steven Spielberg would be proud.

12. "Jurassic Fight Club"

This History Channel show broke down how prehistoric battles might have gone down between the megalodon and giant whales.

13. "Shark Hunter"

This 2001 movie imagines what would happen if scientists were wrong about the megalodon being extinct. (They're not, though. The species is really, really dead as of 2 million years ago.)

14. "Sharkzilla"

The Mythbusters built a megalodon-sized shark for this Discovery Channel special to test its jaw strength.

15. "Prehistoric Predators: Megalodon"

Want a more scientific take on the megalodon? NatGeo has you covered with this doc.

Hollywood will probably never stop being fascinated with sharks. Therefore a giant shark with a huge mouth and enormous teeth is just really appealing.

But, as long as audiences realize that the megalodon died out 2 million years ago, we'll all be able to enjoy these movies (and the ocean) in peace.


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