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January Jones Asks Belize to #SayNoToOffshoreOil

Mad Men actress January Jones is an outspoken ocean advocate and in 2013 swam with sharks for a powerful PSA. This week, she gave voice to another cause.

Did you know January Jones is an outspoken ocean advocate?

Not only has the actress worked with Oceana to win support for the oceans, in 2013 she even swam with sharks to make a powerful PSA about why we should be scared FOR sharks, not scared OF them.

This Thursday, she took to Instagram to lend her voice to another cause.

Offshore drilling is a dangerous practice and can have extreme negative consequences for wildlife and economies. Props to January Jones for lending her voice to the protection of the Belizean reefs and for asking her enormous fan base to help.

And for doing it while maintaining her hilarious signature hashtag style.

Learn more about the cause on Oceana and follow January Jones on Instagram for more inspiration.

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