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There are so many weird-looking but totally awesome animals in the ocean — from sea slugs that look like bunnies or lettuce, to fish with see-through heads and giant, glowing, worm-like creatures that can live forever.

There is so much to marvel at in the sea, but today it's time to give jellyfish the attention they deserve.

According to the National Museum of Natural History, there are a whopping 4,000 different kinds of jellyfish, and the species has existed for 500 million years.

So, let's take a moment and talk about one of their very coolest features. That's right, it's their ability to light up and glow and generally look like a living disco ball. And, for that very celebration-worthy reason, we've compiled a list of 21 jellyfish that you would totally want to invite to a rave — because they can party with the neon best of them.

1. This baby jellyfish with a fantastic color display.

I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine. And he shall be my Squishy.

2. This jellyfish that is bringing a snack.

Every party group needs that person who remembers to travel with food.

3. And jellyfish that actually look like a snack.

Don't eat this one though!

4. This immortal turritopsis.

Because it'll dance until it dies — AKA NEVER.

5. This one that looks like a lava lamp.


6. This very real UFO.

The UFO jellyfish spends its life in the "midnight zone" of the ocean, so you know he'll be up for a late night out!

7. This red jellyfish that is basically a disco ball.

All your fellow ravers will appreciate you coming with your very own light display.

8. And this clear version of the same thing.

Because options.

9. This cauliflower jelly that had such a great time its head looks like it exploded.

The most fun you'll ever have with anything called cauliflower.

10. This one that looks like a slide projector carousel.

Again, the most fun you'll ever have with a slide projector.

11. This atolla that comes with its own source of electricity.

Bioluminescence is so much better than your average glow stick.

12. These jellies that look like mushrooms.

But are totally legal!

13. This jelly that totally knows how to move to the beat.

That rhythm though.

14. These literal string lights.

And, when the rave is over, you have some nice Christmas tree decorations. (Kidding, kidding.)

15. These purple beauties.

They're the neon lanterns of the sea.

16. These jellies that come in three different colors.

To be fair, these moon jellyfish are clear, and the aquarium lights are providing that effect. But, just imagine what the dance club lights will do.

17. These guys that glowed in the sand.

It's lit.

18. This guy who brought his own rainbow glow sticks.

Always come prepared.

19. The Crossota who has a light show in its head.

It's like the party never stops when this guy is around.

20. These jellies that are on fire.

Not literally, of course, but we're sure their dancing skills bring the heat.

21. This jelly that's gonna be backlit at the club in the best way.

Translucent friends are the best friends to rave with.

Of course, you shouldn't actually rave with any type of jellyfish. They belong in the ocean and not in the club.

But, you can look at them admiringly like Chris Hemsworth in this GIF and imagine that they'd be great dancers, because, duh.


Jellyfish appreciation forever.

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