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Netflix is always adding new useful features like the "skip intro" button, which allows users to jump straight past the theme song and into the episode.

But one of their "joke" inventions could be one of their best ideas yet. According to The Verge, it's a "jump to shark" button that lets you skip boring dialogue scenes in shark movies.

So you can just get to the sharks already.


The idea was designed by Juliano Moraes and Shivaun Robinson, according to Netflix's blog, and it came out of the company's infamous annual Hack Day.

The blog reported that these days are employee events that focus on trying out new ideas and technology. Not all (if any) of the ideas will be turned into real features — but this Jump to Shark one definitely should.

You can see below that it works pretty similarly to the "skip intro" button.

Giphy/Netflix UI Engineering

Just tap the "jump to shark" button in the upper right corner when you want to see a little more toothy action.

This button was only designed for "Sharknado," but could be easily translated to Netflix's other sharky offerings like "Deep Blue Sea," "47 Meters Down" or the other four "Sharknado" movies.

Tragically, "47 Meters Down" doesn't feature any sharks for a full 15 minutes.

Jump to Shark could remedy all that wasted time.

Giphy/Netflix UI Engineering

The Jump to Shark name isn't only descriptive; it's also a fun play on the "jumping the shark" phrase. As SyFy reported, the trope is named after a "Happy Days" scene where the Fonz jumps over a shark on a pair of skis.

But Netflix, this is one idea you should take seriously.


The world needs a Jump to Shark button — and installing one wouldn't be jumping the shark at all.


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