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Screenshot via YouTube

The 'Kamchatka Sea Monster' Is Baffling Scientists Worldwide

Some think it could be an animal defrosted from a glacier, even something as ancient as a woolly mammoth.

A giant, hairy sea creature is baffling scientists around the world after washing ashore on a Russian beach earlier this month.

kamchatka sea monster

The beast showed up on the shore of the Bering Sea in Siberia, and was spotted by Svetlana Dyadenko. Knowing it was something incredibly strange, she recorded photos and videos of her findings.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, she expresses her curiosity, asking viewers and scientists to figure out what this thing is.

It appears to have a body full of thick gray or white fur, with the same composition as the hair you would find on a polar bear. It also has a piece that looks like it could be a tail or even a tentacle.

Other than that, though, there aren't many markers that could give us more of a clue. Its corpse seems to be headless, or at least, its head isn't discernible from its body. They have yet to discover any kind of bone structure underneath the fur.

The lack of clues mean that hypotheses are running rampant. Some believe the lack of bones suggests it could be a blobby deep-sea creature.

Others think that it could be an animal defrosted from a glacier, even something as ancient as a woolly mammoth.

Screenshot via YouTube

Of course, many biologists believe it could be something far less exciting — simply the corpse of a relatively normal shark or whale, albeit one seriously ravaged by decay at sea.

Right now, it's just being referred to as the "Kamchatka sea monster," named for the peninsula off which it was found.

Russia is no stranger to underwater monsters. One of the country's fishermen runs a wacky and sometimes horrifying Twitter feed that showcases the freakiest deep sea fish.

But at least those weirdos are identifiable. Unlike them, the Kamchatka sea monster may have left all the answers about their identity drifting in the sea.

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