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Meet the Kids Who Are Suing Trump Over Climate Change

The kids are alright.

Meet our heroes of the week: the 21 children and young adults who are suing Donald Trump and the U.S. government in the hope of getting them to do something about climate change.

According to Pacific Standard magazine, 21 plaintiffs between the ages of 11 and 22 have been fighting since 2015 to get the government to do something about climate change.

They refuse to stand by and watch what's happening to our environment.

Per Pacific Standard, Juliana v. United States alleges that Trump, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Departments of Energy, Defense and Transportation are supporting policies that not only don't help climate change, but actively contribute to it.

It's not the first time the Trump administration has been sued for a lack of environmental conscience. As Azula reported earlier this year, the government was sued for allegedly failing to properly protect humpback whales.

After a few months, the government settled the case and promised to designate a protected habitat, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

It's a heartening example that sometimes legal action can force the hand of an unwilling government.

In the last three years, the government has repeatedly tried to get the Juliana v. United States suit thrown out in court, requesting four times for the case to be halted, according to CBS 13.

It was actually supposed to go to trial on October 29, reported Vox. But the Supreme Court briefly delayed the trial date while it decided whether or not to stop the case per a Justice Department request. Ultimately the Supreme Court ruled not to stop the case, and it can proceed to trial barring any other appeals.

Pacific Standard reported that with such a high-profile topic, the case could go on through 2019, but it's exciting for climate activists to hear that the kids at least defeated the government's fourth attempt to stop the case from going to trial.

With a matter of this magnitude, every small victory is a big win.

The now 22-year-old Kelsey Juliana, who lent her name to the case title, told Pacific Standard that she's been fighting for the environment since she was in the fifth grade.

She's now the face of a lawsuit that could finally hold the Trump administration accountable for its climate actions.

But if they win, the children don't want any money. They just want the government to enact policy to protect the environment and work to combat climate change. Pacific Standard reported that they're asking for a "national climate recovery plan" with a focus on cutting all fossil fuel usage by 2050.

According to Vox, the government is arguing that no one has a "constitutional right to an environment free of climate change." If that's not an argument from the darkest timeline, we don't know what is.

Hopefully a trial date is set and the case can move forward soon. These kids — some of whom aren't even children anymore because this is taking so long — are fighting for not only their future, but for everyone's.

The kids are certainly alright.


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