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The Laziest Ocean Animals Are Here to Inspire Your Weekend

Fish and other marine animals don't sleep in the traditional sense that land animals do, but the laziest ocean animals still find ways to do absolutely nothing.

When you're a sloth, it's easy to be lazy.

Koalas are some of the laziest animals, too, just sleeping and munching eucalyptus leaves all day long.

Under the ocean, though, it's a bit harder to be lazy. After all, you usually have to swim somewhere, as opposed to on land or in a tree, where you can often just hang out. Plus, fish and other marine animals don't sleep in the traditional sense that land animals do.

While many do take periods of rest wherein their activity levels and metabolism slow down, sometimes even nestled into the ocean floor, they're not getting a koala-approved 20 hours of real sleep per day.

Still, there's a lazy spectrum down below. Keep reading to discover which sea animals are the most sluggish.

1. Nurse Shark

This is not your stereotypical shark, trawling around the shore with a thirst for blood. Instead, nurse sharks often gather during the day in rather sedentary groups around reefs or ledges.

Unlike many marine animals, they can breathe even while motionless on the seafloor, so that's how they prefer to gather. When they do capture their prey, though, they don't go for the big trophies.

Their meals consist more of small fish and crustaceans. And they're certainly up for a fight — they use their small mouths to suck up their food as opposed to biting it.

2. Blobfish

Looks can sometimes be deceiving. But not with the blobfish. This guy is about as active as he looks like it'd be, since he has a lower density than water. That allows this species to float along, swallowing any food that happens to come its way.

3. Starfish

While the appearance of a starfish, or sea star, is incredibly intricate, the makeup of its body and movements really isn't. It's one of the laziest ocean animals. The starfish nervous system lacks a brain, and these animals move at an incredibly slow pace.

4. Manatee

Manatees really just want to chill. These gentle animals love lumbering through the ocean at their own pace, taking it all in and relaxing with their pals.

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