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Good News! Science Wants You to Move to the Beach

People have long theorized that living near the ocean can benefit one’s health, but now there is data to back it up. Here are 5 proven ocean living boosts.

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How to Ditch Your Christmas Tree & Help the Ocean at the Same Time

Give your Christmas tree a whole new life — underwater!

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9 Awesome Gifts That Help Our Oceans

The ocean has given us so much, like narwhals and "The OC." This holiday season, give the gift of giving back to your fave body of water.

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This Artist Paints Stunning Ocean Seascapes While Diving Underwater [PHOTOS]

Olga Belka uses her art to bring the beauty of the ocean to everyone.

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The SpongeBob Creator Passed Away, But You Can Honor Him by Advocating for the Sea

Stephen Hillenburg was a marine biologist first.

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