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WATCH: This Dog Learned How to Dive for Plastic to Help Clean Up the Ocean

What a good pupper.

Meet Lila. She's a Labrador who's saving the Earth, one fetched plastic bottle at a time.

According to the Daily Mail, Lila grew up diving for toys in her owner Alex Schulze's pool and was initially trained to grab lobsters from the seafloor.

But Schulze soon saw that Lila was a budding beach cleaner.


Schulze actually co-founded the ocean cleanup organization 4Ocean, and it was during a routine shore cleaning that he noticed Lila's lobster-grabbing talent worked for plastic trash too.

"She started picking up different bottles, following my lead," Schulze told the Daily Mail. "She was a natural.'

According to a Buzz 60 news video, Lila's been trained to dive deep, and she can hold her breath and swim with her back legs.

It gives her the power she needs to reach the trash on the seafloor.


A 4Ocean Facebook video shows that Lila's not just a natural at diving for discarded plastic.

She also helps out on shore too.


As Azula previously reported, the Ocean Conservancy found in 2017 that plastic bottles ranked third in most common beach trash items. So every bottle Lila picks up helps.

And she recycles everything she finds.


4Ocean sells $20 recycled material bracelets with each purchase funding the removal of 1 pound of trash from the ocean. As of 2017, the organization had purged the sea of 46,000 pounds of trash, per Buzz 60.

Lila got to help with that, and she definitely earned this pat of praise.


Schulze told the Daily Mail that he wants people to see Lila picking up trash and get inspired to do the same.

If a dog can do it, we all can too.


Let's all strive to be more like Lila, OK? She's the definition of a good pupper.

Watch the full video of her diving skills below:

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