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Two Women Try to Find The "Lonely Whale" In Funny New Film

The Loneliest is a comedy from award-winning young filmmaker Lilian Mehrel and follows the story of two women on a quest to find the 62 Herz Lonely Whale.

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We've already written about how excited we are about the 52 Herz Whale's Kickstarter campaign and the upcoming documentary about the effects of noise pollution on the ocean's cetaceans.

So we're also stoked to hear there's another movie that features the Lonely Whale: a new short film called The Loneliest. And while the Kickstarter-backed, celebrity-produced film will focus mostly on the facts, this short will focus on the laughs. It's less of a documentary and more of a "mockumentary."

Shot in the style of a BBC nature film, The Loneliest is a comedy from award-winning young filmmaker Lilian Mehrel that follows the story of two women on their quest to find the Loneliest Whale. A description on The Loneliest's site says the film will be:

"An adventurous film about two women on completely different frequencies, brought together to find the loneliest whale in the world - a real whale who sings at the unique frequency of 52 hertz, too high for other whales to hear. At its core, it's about the loneliness of not being heard, and unexpected encounters that turn into moments of connection and boost the spirit."

Though it sounds markedly different from Adrian Grenier and Josh Zeman's documentary, Mehrel's film actually has a very similar mission. She explains:

"My aim as a storyteller is to contribute to a culture of compassion. Film is an experience in empathy, sparking connection between the filmmaker, characters, and audience. A story with compelling characters and themes can inspire more sensitivity to the unknown stories behind every person - consciousness and care spreading outwards in concentric circles."

The film is largely possible due to support from Okeanos Foundation for the Sea and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, a program that sponsors filmmakers looking to focus on science and technology themes and characters in their productions. That means that in addition to the comedy and poignant stpry about human friendship, there will also definitely be some whale science, and some great whale footage. Though, since we know the real Lonely Whale has yet to be found, the whales in this short will be stand-ins.

Check out the teaser below and don't forget to donate to the Lonely Whale's Kickstarter campaign.

The Loneliest preview clip

UPDATE: Here's a clip from The Loneliest. (February 18, 2015)

The Loneliest (teaser)

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