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Forget Yachts: These 8 Luxury Submarines Are What Billionaires Want

Ever since James Cameron made it to the Mariana Trench, mega-yacht owners have been following in his wake and shopping for their own personal submarines.

Ever since James Cameron made it to the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the ocean, mega-yacht owners from Dubai to Palm Beach have been following in his wake and shopping for their own personal submarines.

If you dream of piloting a mission to find Dory — and happen to be a billionaire — check out these eight deep divers.

1. Nautilus VAS

The Nautilus VAS carries you and a handful of your closest friends at 6 knots, and allows you to dive more than a mile below the surface for up to four days a time.

It has a minibar and a fabulous sound system to keep you entertained in between pods of dolphins, but the best feature of the Nautilus is its airlock. Fancy a snorkel or a dive from the comfort of your underwater abode? For only $2.7 million, you can.

2. Triton 3300/3

If you have fewer friends brave enough to plumb the depths with you at the helm, the Triton 3300, which carries three people in its 13-foot capsule, can take you to 3,300 feet after four weeks of training—which is included in the $3 million price tag.

Advances in acrylic technology have allowed for the construction of the large dome shape and provide a panoramic view all around.

3. Deep Flight Dragon

Graham Hawkes designed his Deep Flight vehicles to be easy to pilot (your seven-day course will show you how to barrel roll, leap, and hover as well as dive—or fly, as Hawkes likes to call it), and safety comes first.

The Dragon, which looks like a race car, is positively buoyant. This means that if your super-quiet, battery-energized, zero-emissions power source goes out at 400 feet, your 24 hours of life support oxygen will kick in and your submersible will automatically float to the surface.

4. The Yellow Submarine

Just in case you need to escape your 414-foot megayacht for a week, like Microsoft founder Paul Allen does, consider the 40-foot Yellow Submarine. It'll set you back $12 million, but that's hardly an issue when you've already spent $200 million on The Octopus, which functions as your launch platform.

5. The Seattle 1000

If all of these seem a little claustrophobic to you, the Seattle 1000 may be the sub for you. For $25 million, you get 118 feet of space in your 3-story submarine, complete with a wine cellar and 2 gyms, to keep in shape at depth.

The Seattle 1000 can travel 3,000 nautical miles and stay below the surface for up to 20 days. This makes it ideal for your next trans-Atlantic crossing!

6. The Phoenix 1000

If you always fancied being able to launch a submarine from your submarine, the Phoenix 1000 is your baby. The mini sub can go 1,000 feet deeper than your megasub, and if the deep blue gets crowded even with 5,000 square feet of space, you can send your passengers back to the surface without ever having to leave the bottom.

7. The Trilobis 65

A fairly new entry to the world of personal submarines is the Trilobis 65, by the Giancarlo Zema Design Group. If you're not the type to dive deep, this is your best option. With four levels and a spiral staircase at the center, you can simply walk down to the viewing deck, 9 feet below the surface.

It has electrochemical windows that change the opacity according the available light levels, so you always have the best view. It's perfect for touring your favorite coral reefs with five of your closest friends, and for $5 million, the Trilobis 65 even turns your waste water into drinking water, so you can stay at sea even longer!

8. The Lovers Deep

Not everyone has the mega-millions necessary to purchase and maintain their deep sea divers. So Oliver's Travels has created The Mile Low Club. For about $200,000 a night, you can plan a romantic getaway for two under the sea. Helicopter transport and rose petals optional.

Of course, if you don't mind getting wet, you can get a mask, snorkel, and fins for about $100 at your local dive shop and explore the ocean with nothing but a bathing suit between you and your favorite fish.

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