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Most Badass Fish in the Sea Survives Losing a Huge Chunk of Its Body

Beware of the cookiecutter shark.

Ocean animals are incredibly tenacious. They're the kind of determined creatures that will get full-on chunks taken out of them and still live to see another day.

Like this fish with a huge piece missing from its side.

The photo, posted on Twitter by shark photographer George T. Probst, shows a mackerel with what appears to be a cookiecutter shark bite on its side.

Cookiecutter sharks take round chunks out of all kinds of animals, and it seems like this one didn't hit anything essential. So, for now, the fish has been able to survive.

Now it just has a large wound to contend with.


Giant holes in your side don't necessarily bode well for survival. But it's possible that all is not lost for this unlucky fish.

Other animals that suffer large flesh losses have survived before. There are multiple cases of whales losing their tails and surviving thanks to whale lice, as Azula previously reported.

The lice, which are actually small crustaceans, can prevent wound infection by eating any dead skin or parasites that plague the injury while it heals.

You can see the pink lice on a fresh whale tail injury here:

According to Science Daily, a study conducted by researchers at James Cook University recently found that cleaner shrimp can provide the same service to injured fish that lice do to whales.

The study discovered that injured fish who visited cleaner shrimp left with their wounds looking less red.

It suggests that the shrimp are helping the fish stave off infection.

Many an animal has survived a cookiecutter shark bite, but usually those creatures are dolphins or seals, which have a lot more skin they can sacrifice before the shark is hitting major vessels or organs.

That's when having blubber comes in handy.

A fish doesn't have much it can afford to lose. But, at least for now, this mackerel is following the wise words of Dory from "Finding Nemo."

And it's just going to keep swimming, just keep swimming.


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