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8 Megalodon Facts Everyone Should Know Before Seeing 'The Meg'

This shark doesn't need movie magic to be spectacular.

The megalodon, an ancient shark that ruled the seas millions of years ago, is a seriously cool animal.

It makes sense that Hollywood is drawn to making movies about this prehistoric beast. But, sometimes these films can get a little carried away with the man-eating scare tactics and forget to focus on just how cool the shark is.

Here's everything you need to know about the real megalodon before you watch the blockbuster version in "The Meg" this summer.

1. What large teeth you have, Megalodon.

The better to eat literal whales with. Above you can see great white shark teeth in comparison to the megalodon's. According to the BBC, some of these prehistoric sharks has teeth up to 7 inches long.

2. They ate giant animals.

A giant shark needs a giant meal, and according to NatGeo, megalodons were thought to have eaten whales. The BBC noted that baleen whale fossils were often found next to fossilized megalodon teeth, hinting that these whales were a choice meal.

3. Its hunting methods were intense.

According to another BBC article, the megalodon would chomp off the fins or tail of its prey to slow them down and finish them off.

4. Its name describes it so well.

megalodon facts Wikimedia Commons

Megalodon means "giant tooth," according to the Washington Post. And, yeah, we'd say that's accurate.

5. It had a giant bite.

The BBC reported that the megalodon jaws could open 6 feet. It also had a bite force that could crush a car in a single chomp, according to the Washington Post.

6. It was bigger than basically anything.

WaPo also reported that the megalodon could grow to 50 feet long — making it three times the size of a great white. Plus, it weighed three times as much as a T-Rex. Basically, take three great white sharks and three Tyrannosaurus rexes and that's equal to ONE megalodon.

7. It could be found everywhere.

megalodon facts


These giant animals littered the globe. Fossils have been found all over Europe, North and South America, and Africa. Pretty much, there was no escaping them.

8. Great white sharks are nothing in comparison.

Shark expert Peter Klimley put it this way to NatGeo: "A great white is about the size of the clasper, or penis, of a male megalodon."

Aren't you glad you know that now?


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