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15 Perfect Mermaid Gifts for the Mermaid-Obsessed Person in Your Life

Giving presents can be fun. But we won't tell anyone if you decide to keep all these fabulous mermaid gifts all to yourself.

Giving presents can be fun. But we won't tell anyone if you decide to keep all these fabulous mermaid gifts all to yourself.


1. Shell Pool Float

Doughnut pool floats are so last year. Be the belle of every pool ball this summer as you float around on your shell.


2. Metallic Bikini Bottoms

You could wear a mermaid tail atop your shell, but if you want something a little less extreme, check out these scaly, metallic suits. Bonus points if you don some long mermaid locks and a seashell bikini top to really complete the look.


3. Mermaid Tights 


These super subtle mermaid tights will have everyone thinking they just caught a glimpse of the real thing.


4. Ocean Mist & Sea Salt Candle

If a mermaid lover can't live out all their days under the sea, at least they can make their surroundings smell like it with this divine sea salt and ocean mist candle.


5. Mermaid Pocket Knife Necklace 

It's the perfect accessory for the mermaid lover that wants to keep some fins close to their heart — or the one who wants to shuck an oyster.


6. Dinglehopper

If someone's love affair with mermaids started with a certain popular Disney movie, they're going to want to eat every meal — or comb every strand of their hair — with this personalized dinglehopper.


7. Sleep Mask

Every true mermaid needs their beauty sleep.


8. Mermaid Tote

Sometimes, a tote bag says it all.


9. Mermaid Hair Kit

A long-held mermaid secret? Those gorgeous beachy waves take a little work, and this kit can do it all.


10. Scaly Phone Case

It doesn't make a smartphone waterproof, but it does make it cute and shiny.


11. Mermaid Cookies 

Don't let these custom, hand-painted mermaid cookies fool you. They're not too pretty to eat.


12. Mermaids: The Myth, Legends, and Lore

This darling book is a fascinating glimpse into legends and myths about merfolk across all cultures and geographic areas. Plus, the drawings are fantastic.


13. Shell Compact

Any mermaid lover would love to pull out this seashell compact when they need a little touch-up.


14. Gold Mermaid Bottle Opener 

Crack open a cold one with the help of this elegant gold mermaid.


15. Vitamin Sea

Every mermaid lover needs their daily dose (or sweatshirt full) of Vitamin Sea.



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