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Luiz Rocha/California Academy of Sciences

Stunning, Neon Fish Found in Deep Sea Gets Named After a Greek Goddess

It was found in the "twilight zone," where its beautiful colors unfortunately go unseen.

Scientists have discovered one of the coolest-looking fish ever. In fact, it was so enchanting that they named it after the Greek goddess of love and beauty.

In a new study, researchers from the California Academy of Sciences wrote about the new species they found: the Tosanoides aphrodite, the first type of Tosanoides fish that lives in the Atlantic Ocean.

The fish aren't super big, but they definitely stand out.

The males are a blinding shade of hot pink, and the females are a gorgeous neon orange.

neon fish Luiz Rocha/California Academy of Sciences

They live deep enough underwater that they don't appear so neon down there, though. But since the researchers who found them had a light, they were able to identify the florescent colors of the fish and knew they had to find out more about this beautiful species.

It may seem surprising that we've never caught a glimpse of such a dazzling fish before. But it's just one of the many creatures waiting to be discovered in our largely undiscovered ocean.

Plus, the fish are relatively rare, and they live as much as 500 feet below the surface, far deeper than humans normally descend.

Researchers spotted them in what is normally referred to as a "twilight zone" about 600 miles off the coast of Brazil, as a sixgill shark swam above them.


The one thing they immediately recognized was its beauty, which is why they decided to name the animal after Aphrodite.

"The beauty of the Aphrodite anthias enchanted us during its discovery, much like Aphrodite's beauty enchanted ancient Greek gods," they said in the report.

What they didn't immediately know was why these fish are so beautiful in the first place. But they're determined to keep diving to new depths and studying the fish in order to figure out the reason behind those goddess-esque good looks.

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