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40 Embarrassingly Uncreative Ocean Animal Names

Scientists got a LEETLE lazy.

For all the creativity the sea has to offer (I mean, just look at these nudibranchs), sometimes the powers that be just can't think of creative names to match. As Azula has previously written about, some ocean animal names leave a little to be desired. Hammerhead sharks? That's just stating the obvious.

But never is that lack of creativity more apparent than when ocean animals are just named ... after other animals.

We get it — there are a lot of creatures in the sea to name. Sometimes it's easiest to identify them based on what they look like. But these 40 animals probably at least deserved their own original monikers.

Under the Sea

ocean animal names disneyslittlemermaid/tumblr

1. Seahorse
2. Sea cow
3. Sea spider
4. Sea robin
5. Sea toad

Did you know: If you just add "sea" before another animal's name, that automatically makes it an ocean animal.

These Lion Lookalikes Are Lyin'

ocean animal names


6. Lionfish
7. Lion's mane jellyfish
8. Sea lion

The king of the jungle apparently has family under the waves.

African Safari Down Under

ocean animal names


9. Leopard seal
10. Elephant seal
11. Zebra shark
12. Crocodile shark

It's like a whole zoo down there.

Fishing for Originality


13. Butterflyfish
14. Porcupinefish
15. Scorpion fish
16. Lizardfish
17. Dogfish
18. Frogfish
19. Catfish
20. Batfish

This list is starting to sound like a Dr. Seuss book.

It's a Shark Thing

ocean animal names


21. Bull shark
22. Tiger shark
23. Weasel shark
24. Catshark

Shark names are notoriously unoriginal.

Birds of a Feather … That Don't Flock Together

ocean animal names


25. Peacock mantis shrimp
26. Parrotfish
27. Pelican eel
28. Eagle ray
29. Flamingo tongue snail
30. Goosefish
You could recreate the movie "The Birds" with all the ocean animals named after avians.

Barnyard in the Big Blue


31. Sheepshead fish
32. Cow shark
33. Roosterfish
34. Pigfish
35. Hogsucker
Is this a farm or the ocean? It's a mystery.

This Ocean Animal Is Kinda Like This Other Ocean Animal


36. Dolphinfish
37. Whale shark
38. Salmon shark
39. Squidworm
40. False killer whale
This naming technique is especially egregious. Maybe the squid just wants its own name and not to come into contact with any other animals by that same name.
Also, what's with the false killer whale being named after not being like a killer whale? That's like unoriginality squared. (See this dolphin? It's a not-shark.)

After reading this list, we're convinced this is live footage of scientists who coin ocean animal monikers.


Better luck next name.

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