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18 Ocean Movies & Shows Streaming on Netflix in 2018

Splash into the new year with these films.

As 2017 winds to a close, it's time to start looking ahead to the new year. In an effort to help you all make your 2018 ocean-filled, sea-spectacular and water-wonderful, we've compiled a list of the ocean movies and series streaming on Netflix in 2018. They'll make your new year a splash.

1. "Dolphin Tale"

This true story about an injured dolphin being rescued and fitted with a prosthetic tail will make you cry and warm your heart.

2. "Frozen Planet"

You've probably already seen "Blue Planet" (if not, you should; it's also on Netflix). So, for a new look at ocean life, check out "Frozen Planet." The BBC series will give you an inside look at the lives of seals, killer whales, narwhals and more animals who call the chilly Arctic home.

3. "Dolphins: Spy in the Pod"

Speaking of inside look, "Dolphins: Spy in the Pod" is a revolutionary ocean docuseries. To gather footage, cameras disguised as realistic ocean-animal robots were created, giving viewers a rare glimpse at the lives of dolphins when humans aren't around.

4. "Pirates of the Caribbean"

The Disney classic takes place largely on the high seas, and the pirate drama will keep you on the edge of your seats.

5. "The Life Aquatic"

The Wes Anderson movie "The Life Aquatic" stars Bill Murray as oceanographer Steve Zissou who journeys into the ocean to get revenge for his fallen diver friend.

6. "Swimming with Killer Whales"

Ingrid Visser is a passionate scientist living in New Zealand and is one of the few people who has ever swum in the wild with orcas. This film humanizes the "killer" whale and educates audiences about how they need to be protected. Plus, Visser is just one of the coolest whale researchers around.

7. "Finding Dory"

The sequel to Pixar's hit "Finding Nemo" takes place at the Marine Life Institute and introduces viewers to a host of new, fun, animated animals while providing laughs and self-reflection along the way.

8. "Jaws"

Though sharks are certainly not as villainous as this movie paints them, it's always worth watching the classic (and all its sequels) on Netflix.

9. "Atlantis"

The action-packed animated film about the lost city of Atlantis will bring every '90s kid right back to their childhood. (Lunchables and Capri Sun movie snacks not included.)

10. "Sharkwater"

Sadly, biologist and filmmaker Rob Stewart passed away in 2017. But, he leaves behind a legacy of helping sharks, particularly through his illuminating documentary "Sharkwater," which illustrates the grand scope of danger that shark populations face thanks to humans.

11. "Blackfish"

The bombshell documentary about captive orcas ignited a worldwide debate about marine theme parks, and helped change the way some, like SeaWorld, will operate forever.

12. "Sharknado"

Looking for a laugh? The so-bad-it's-good SyFy film "Sharknado" (and its sequels on Netflix) has you covered.

13. "Chasing Coral"

Coral reefs are an integral part of our ocean, and it's dying quickly. In this Netflix original, a team of scientists hopes to document the reef struggles and bring to light how imperative it is that we save it.

14. "Planet Earth II"

Coming to Netflix on December 25, this highly anticipated sequel to the 2006 BBC nature hit is sure to feature the trials and tribulations of several ocean animals.

15. "Whale Rider"

The Oscar-nominated film follows a young girl who is determined to become chief of her Maori tribe, even though all the men in her life doubt her. Keisha Castle-Hughes nearly won the Academy Award for her role and is one of the youngest actresses to ever be nominated.

16. "Mission Blue"

The Netflix original features an oceanographer determined to help save the sea and the inspiring journey she takes along the way.

17. "A Plastic Ocean"

As our oceans fill up with trash, this documentary tries to drive home the damage being done — and just what that means for the world.

18. "Moana"

If you come back to the water no matter how hard you try, give "Moana" a watch (or re-watch) in the upcoming year. Just like the sea, it calls you.

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