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An Octopus Would Kick Your Butt at Hide-and-Seek

Marvel at these masters of disguise!

Some octopuses just love the camera.

But what if an eight-armed wonder just wants to be left alone?  You can forget about trying to find it: they are camouflage geniuses. Color changes, texture changes, shape changes -- the octopus can do it all.



In fact, they're so good at camouflage, it hardly seems fair that they're also amazing at getting into the tiniest of spaces. Having eight arms doesn't even slow them down. Since they don't have any bones, as long as their beaks can fit through a hole, the rest of their body is no sweat.

And of course, if you ever do manage to sneak up on an octopus, you'll probably still be the one in for a surprise. Here's one shifting into some kind of underwater demon, complete with black cape.



You gotta give credit where credit is due. Octopuses are the champions of disguise. So if you do want to challenge one to a game of hide-and-seek, maybe start with a baby that hasn't learned all the tricks yet. You may even get a high-five when you find it!



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