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This Artist Paints Stunning Ocean Seascapes While Diving Underwater [PHOTOS]

Olga Belka uses her art to bring the beauty of the ocean to everyone.

It's difficult to capture the beauty of the ocean in a 2-D form like a painting, but it helps when you're literally making that painting while surrounded by the sea.

Russian artist Olga Belka is also a diving instructor in Thailand, and she paints her ocean pieces while underwater, according to My Modern Met.

She'll dive down and set up her little canvas, get out her paints and start brushing away.

According to My Modern Met, Belka uses a proprietary medium to create these artworks underwater, but she says her materials are all environmentally friendly.

And the fish don't seem to mind when she's in their space either.

Giphy/Olga Belka

Belka says on her website that she wants her art to bring the beauty of the sea to everyone, and thinks art captures it better than photo or video can.

She wrote, "What [do] people who can't afford scuba diving do? How can they see underwater beauties? ... An artist is not a profession; it is a mission. I want to share my vision of the underwater kingdom with the world. That is why I do paintings underwater."

She says that, for her, "the sea is a boundless resource of inspiration and energy."

And she uses that inspiration to paint these captivating seascapes.

Belka sells her paintings on her website and also offers diving classes where you can paint underwater with her. But if you can't swing that, she regularly posts her art on her social media pages like Instagram and Facebook.

One look at what she creates, and you can almost feel the sea come to life. It probably helps that they were literally created inside the ocean.

So the art has that powerful sea magic woven right into the canvas and the paint.

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