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Credit: Instagram, @SRTMz2b and @kawausocafe

Breaking News: There Is an Otter Cafe in Japan

Japan is known for its quirky animal cafes, but one has taken the trend to a new level by bringing small-clawed otters into the mix.

Whether you drink your coffee black or prefer a frothy cappuccino, there's one part of a cafe most would agree on: It's probably better with otters. Because isn't everything?

Japan is known for its quirky animal cafes, and Harry Harajuku Terrace in Tokyo has taken the trend to a new level by bringing small-clawed otters into the mix.

The cafe already has 12 chinchillas and 50 hedgehogs, but apparently it just wasn't complete without otters.

Before guests can play with the otters, they receive a short training on "how to hold an otter." The cafe even created a short video to demonstrate, in case you want to practice beforehand.

Unsurprisingly, the cafe has been wildly popular, especially with international visitors.

"We didn't expect this many foreign people would take interest in touching otters. I guess otters have a universal appeal," cafe owner Mayu Saito said to Kyodo News. We're a little surprised that they were surprised!

You can take home a chinchilla or hedgehog along with your to-go pastry, but otters aren't for sale.

Small-clawed otters are a protected species, so they can't travel across borders.

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While the cafe says they were legally bred and purchased in Japan, keeping wild animals like this in a domestic setting is becoming an increasingly controversial topic.

These animal cafes appear to be gaining popularity in Japan, and a shocking number of pet-otter accounts are increasingly popping up on social media.

We have no inside information of the treatment of the cafe's otters and their chinchilla and hedgehog comrades, but we hope all are enjoying a loving, healthy, perhaps even luxurious life in their Tokyo cafe.

From the guest standpoint, we can't help but wonder what the otter cafe experience is like.

Most of us haven't met any otters, so it may be hard to predict their temperament.

Luckily, the cafe shared a dispatch from visitors sharing their impressions. Their verdict? Very soft and cute, and not bitey.

"I was under the impression they were much more bitey and vicious, but they didn't seem that way at all," one cafe visitor said in the cafe's video.

We always knew these little guys were as sweet as they look in photos.

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