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WATCH: This Super Cute Otter Can Juggle!

Call the circus — they're gonna have a new star.

Otters are pretty nifty animals. They're clever, cute and surprisingly violent — but they hide that well under their adorable, fluffy exterior.

So that when they, you know, juggle rocks, they have all the humans going, "Awwww."


A video posted to Twitter recently had everyone going goo-goo for this playful otter, but it's far from the only one to take up the circus sideshow act.

This otter can also juggle:


And this one even gets its whole body involved.


But otter juggling is not only for showing off. It actually has a practical element to it. (Said no one ever about juggling.)

According to Discover Wildlife, otters get attached to their favorite rocks and hide them in their armpits when they're not using them. The rocks come in handy when opening their mollusk and crab dinners, and their level of dexterity with the rocks is unusually high for an animal.

According to the Daily Mail, that's because their claws don't grow past the ends of their paws, making them less like claws and more like fingernails. That way they can use their paws as hands with fingers, much like humans do.

It gives them the control they need to juggle, which is an important way for them to test rocks. Discover Wildlife reported that this method lets the otter see how the stones perform as tools.

And it likely helps them choose that notorious favorite rock.


But just because it's a necessary skill doesn't mean it's also not super entertaining to watch. This particular otter even has quite a few moves.

The crossover:


The two-paw drop:


And the super-speed move:


Watch the full cute video here:

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