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18 Otter Memes That Will Make You LOL

Otters might be the most adorable marine animals. That was reason enough for us to compile a collection of 17 otter memes guaranteed to brighten your day.

Otters might be the most adorable marine animals. They're also incredibly playful and intelligent. For all you otter lovers: Here are 17 otter memes to brighten your day.

1. Hipster otter


This photo is probably from a Japanese zoo where the otters have a special waterslide. Too cool for the river.

2. Otter caught red-handed

Otter pups can't really swim, so their moms have to carry them everywhere. This picture of a mom with her sleepy pup is totally normal behavior, but the expression on the mom's face makes it hilarious.

3. Gandalf otter


Just a cute otter turned into a "Lord of the Rings" reference.

4. Religious otter


A perfectly timed photograph turned this otter into a wise sage who can bless you with his touch.

5. Chill otter


On the other hand, this guy looks like he's had a few too many ...

6. Possessive British otter


You can hear the British accent.

7. Navy OTTER


"Officer Otter reporting for duty, sir!"

8. When the Navy OTTERs went into combat


"Hang in there, friend! Help is on the way!"

9. Tough otter


This might be the most meme-able otter photo ever taken.

10. Disdainful otter


He is clearly very angry about something.

11. Picky otter


Maybe he was angry about the seeds in his watermelon.

12. Adele otters


We vote for these guys to be Adele's new backup singers.

13. One of these things doesn't belong


Nothing cuter than a dog meme and an otter meme put together.

14. Foo otters

Dave Grohl and otters, all in one meme = pure gold.

15. Romance otters


You probably already know this one, but we still had to include it.

16. Reluctant otter


She may need some time to cool off.

17. Evil otter


We wouldn't get too close to this one ...

18. Bashful otter


You are cute, little guy. We're not just saying that.

Hope you enjoyed all these adorable otter memes. Come back an-otter day!

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