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Watch This Sweet Little Otter Become Obsessed With a Kid's Toy Car

"Delighted little otter claps!" one user tweeted in response.

Another day, another adorable video of an animal doing something cute. Thanks to the Monterey Bay Aquarium (or Monsterey Boo Ascaryum, as its Halloween-themed Twitter handle currently states), we can now all enjoy a video of an otter playing with a child and their tiny toy car.

The otter — one of Monterey Bay's Aquarium's rescued sea otters, named Abby— playfully interacted with two young visitors by following the small car back and forth along the ledge of the enclosure.

She seems fascinated and entertained by the tiny speeding toy, and the children look to feel the same way about Abby! And can you blame them? The video is pretty darn cute.

A few Twitter users noticed just how excited Abby the otter seemed to look during the whole thing. It even seemed like she was even clapping with her tiny otter paws. Need we say more?

"Delighted little otter claps!" one user tweeted in response. The rest of the users either noted the clapping or simply said just how adorable it was. With 1,093 likes and 361 replies to the tweet, it's easy to understand just why so many people enjoy the cute 17-second clip.

But this isn't the only video or photo that the Monterey Bay Aquarium posts that will make you say, "Aww."

Take this "dating profile" for a giant octopus, for example.

"~Giant Pacific Octopus, Male, 4 years old~
I wear my three (3) hearts on my sleeves.
Always down to hold hands/feet.
Brains as sharp as my beak.
Ideal date: The Hunt for Red October over cioppino
Fav quote: "Fhtaghn" - Cthulhu
Will love you 'til death."

I mean, the caption really says it all.

Whether you're looking for cute otter content, an octopus dating profile or something in between, the Monterrey Bay Aquarium Twitter account is a must-follow for sure.

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