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WATCH: This Otter With Asthma Learned How to Use an Inhaler

Meet Mishka, an adorable sea otter with minor breathing issues.

When animal rescuers found an injured sea otter tangled in a crab pot back in 2015, it was in the thick of wildfire season. Soon, the little otter was having trouble breathing.

The team at the Seattle Aquarium wasn't sure how she was going to fare, but they did try to teach her a special trick: how to use an inhaler.

Now, three years later, wildfires are raging again — and the otter, named Mishka, continues to do well, now an expert at her inhaler trick.

OK, now that we've established that she's in good health, you may marvel at how adorable Mishka is.

otter with asthma Giphy

The video demonstrates that otters are more than just furry lumps of cuteness that hold hands sometimes: They're smart, too.

Otters are trained with food as a reward, of course, and they love to play with toys.

So the aquarium team had to teach Mishka not to play with the inhaler. As a reward, she gets extra squid and clams.

otter with asthma Giphy

The air quality in Seattle is pretty bad right now, so the staff is monitoring the animals closely. Fish in particular are most likely to be impacted as outside air blows into their tanks.

So far, the fish are doing well, and Mishka is, too. She did have to learn another trick in order to stay healthy, though. Trainers taught her how to climb up onto an X-ray plate so the team can take X-rays of her chest and check her lungs. Apparently she just sits there calmly.

Many humans are less calm than Mishka when going to the doctor, so we're definitely impressed.


Hopefully the air will clear up in Seattle soon so she can breathe easier without her inhaler, but in the meantime, we're happy that she's doing so well.

Mishka proves that otters are more than just their cute little paws!

otter with asthma Giphy

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