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Best Proposal Ever? Man Proposes to Girlfriend With Help From Otters

When Mike Jensen was ready to put a ring on his girlfriend of three years, he enlisted a little help from the otters at a local aquarium for the proposal.

When Mike Jensen was ready to propose to his girlfriend of three years, he enlisted a little help from a local aquarium for the proposal.


After all, it's easy enough to say no to a dude, but who could say no to adorable otters?


Jensen knew his girlfriend, Kelly Sommariva, loved animals, so he figured the Downtown Aquarium in Denver, Colorado, would be the perfect place for his elaborate proposal. He coordinated with the aquarium workers to put a sign in the otter tank.

Then, he asked Sommariva's boss for a little help. Happy to oblige, the boss sent Sommariva on what she thought was her journalist assignment for the day – filming some otters. That wasn't anything out of the ordinary for her, so Sommariva headed over to the aquarium.


She diligently set up the camera and started capturing some footage of the cute little critters.


But she was about to be in for the surprise of her life.


The otters (aided along with a few treats) flipped over the sign that Jensen had left in the tank.


"Hello Kelly," the sign started. "Look at us!" it implored. "Now look at your man. ... Now say yes to marrying your man!"


Sommariva turned around from the tank in complete shock.


That's when Jensen appeared proudly and got down on one knee, ring in hand.


Cue the waterworks. Sommariva and Jensen embraced. She gave him a teary yes and forgot all about her phony work assignment.


Sommariva and Jensen got a lifetime of happiness; the otters just got some treats. But the happy couple hasn't forgotten about their underwater helpers. They've gone to visit Blue, Slater and Emmet at the aquarium.


And when their big day finally arrived, they topped their wedding cake with an adorable otter cake topper.


You can watch video of the whole proposal below.


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