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WATCH: Penguin Won't Stop Following Little Girl Around the Aquarium

Why don't these things ever happen to us?

There's nothing cuter than an animal interacting with a human in a playful way — especially if it's a tiny human. When a penguin at Jenkinson's Aquarium in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, playfully interacted with a 5-year-old girl visiting the aquarium, the video quickly went viral. And when you see it, you'll understand why.

According to Inside Edition, the playful interaction went on for about 30 minutes until the little girl and her mom went to check out other exhibits. The best part? When they came back to the penguin area later, the 5-year-old's mom said they picked up right where they left off and continued the playful moment.

The penguin mirrored the little girl's movements, swimming back and forth as the girl walked along on the other side of the glass. It followed her finger as she dragged it along the glass, making for a playful and kind of adorable moment.

Watch the full squee-worthy interaction below:

While penguins aren't known for being particularly playful (making this Jenkinson's Aquarium moment all the more rare), they are the most social of all birds, which could explain the fun moment and video below. There is also quite a bit of information about penguins being, well, not that friendly or traditionally "cute and cuddly," as one BBC article pointed out.

In any case, though, this penguin seemed to be enjoying its little game with the human and vice versa. And while it might be rarer than not, it is a fun moment to watch captured.

Even if penguins aren't particularly friendly toward humans usually, they are known for interacting quite closely with each other.

Take this video posted in July of two penguins "holding hands" on the coast of South Africa.

See? There's adorable penguin content basically everywhere. There's even a video of these two penguins strolling down the the beach, flipper in flipper.

Whether or not penguins are truly affectionate may be up for debate, but I think we can all agree to keep the photos, videos and general penguin content coming.

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