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This Penguin That Can’t Stop Untying Shoe Laces Is the Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day

Try not to smile while watching this. It's impossible.

There's something so pure about animals that makes us love them unconditionally (and keep on clicking on all those cute animals videos on Instagram, let's be honest).

Even if they're tearing apart our favorite shoes or chewing that new pillow we got, it's all forgiven when we see how cute they are. And sometimes even the annoying thing is actually kind of cute in and of itself.

Take, for example, this penguin from the Long Island Aquarium that seemed to have a bit of a thing for one person's shoelaces.

Jill Twiss was at the aquarium when she saw the interaction and tweeted it with the caption, "I know most things are bad but today I met this asshole penguin who loved untying shoelaces and I'm feeling pretty great."

As you can imagine, the tweet quickly picked up traction.

The replies to the tweet were pretty priceless as well, with one user commenting, "He's trying to help the guy take his shoes off so he can come swimming!! What a helpful penguin!"

It's pretty much impossible not to watch the video and giggle to yourself just a little.

penguin untying shoelaces


According to Live Science, penguins actually live a large chunk (80 percent) of their lives in the ocean, despite popular depictions of them in movies and TV (and the brief picture of them you get from aquariums). They are also usually portrayed as cuddly and affectionate creatures ("Happy Feet," anyone?), which isn't entirely inaccurate.

While they're not quite as monogamous as they are sometimes made out to be, they are social and expressive creatures.

penguin untying shoelaces


According to David Attenborough of "Planet Earth," penguins certainly do have emotions, particularly toward one another.

But it is important to remember that penguins are wild animals and not just adorable entertainment, despite the sometimes-adorable things they do.

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