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Literally Just 50+ Photos of Stunningly Beautiful Sea Slugs

Did you know nudibranchs (aka sea slugs) are basically the Beyoncés of the ocean? Check out these beautiful sea slugs that, you know, woke up like this.

Have you ever seen anything more stunning than a sea slug? We didn't think so. That's why we've brought all that awesome to one party. Check out these beautiful sea slugs that, you know, woke up like this.

Everyone's dressed up.

Some in couture ...

... and some who went with super cute.

Did you know that sea slugs aren't really slugs at all, but snails that have given up on shells? We get it. Who would want to cover up the fabulous?

So put on your flare, and join the party with these beautiful sea slugs.

We've invited everyone: the hippies ...

... the ravers ...

... the suits ...

... the artists, like this Van Gogh nudibranch ...

... and those who seem more comfortable pretending to be someone they're not, like this alpaca of the sea.

Sea slugs are hermaphrodites. This means they have both male and female sex organs, and they use them at the same time. These two were caught doing it (twice, of course) in the middle of the Pacific.

Photo Credit: Dr. Jan Witting

This one has a detachable penis. After sexy time with another slug, it drops the dirty organ and grows a new one. What's it contaminated with? Other slug sperm leftover from its partner's earlier exploits, of course.

This might be the creature we least want to make out with at this party. These beautiful sea slugs from the Great Barrier Reef consider eye stabbing some kind of foreplay.

Photo Credit: Johanna Werminghausen and Dr Rolanda Lange, University of Tuebingen

They use what amount to hypodermic needles to drug each other into wanting to get it on.

So really, it's like any party. Bring your friends. Wear something fabulous. But party smart. Party safe. Party on ...

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